Grazing Tables

Whether it’s an intimate gathering with friends at home or a show-stopping celebration at a venue, our grazing tables help to create an impact that your guests won’t forget.

Combining delicious food with detail-driven styling and beautiful blooms, our grazing tables are so much more than your average catering experience.

Built with you in mind, our displays are perfectly personalised and fuss-free for our hosts.
So how does it work? Using a mix-and-match method, building your dream grazing table has never been easier:


Pick the foods that excite you most - our menu is updated seasonally to make sure our offering is always as fresh and relevant as it can be. Mix-and-match from our platters, salads, cakes and more - no pesky restrictions and always the highest quality.


Select styling that captures your heart - we’ll work with you on this, taking into consideration your venue backdrop, the type of event you are hosting and of course, the budget you have to play with. We have a huge selection of styling accessories to choose from and we are ALWAYS open to new ideas!


Choose the blooms that seal the deal - our in-house florist Karen has years of experience and a passion for creating stunning displays. So, whether you’re looking for an all-out garden-inspired experience or a classic understated foliage-only look, we have you covered.

We understand that hosting an event can sometimes be overwhelming and that’s why we have made this process as simple and stress-free as possible:

  • All our platters are prepared in-house, meaning minimal mess and intrusion for you.
  • We will arrive at your home or venue a few hours before your event start time to set up, allowing you to focus on getting ready and all those last minute details.
  • We provide plates, cutlery and tongs - all 100% plant-based and compostable - so that your guests can graze ethically, whilst leaving minimal tidying up for you at the end of the day.
  • Our displays are fully-customisable and can be easily made vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal and more, meaning an inclusive experience for all your guests.

Think a grazing table could be the perfect option for you and your guests? Enquire with us today and we’ll get the party started.